Article from THE STAR


WE wish to clarify a number of points in the article “Plan to redevelop Raintree Club” (StarBiz, The Star, Sept 21).

Firstly, there is currently no “plan” to redevelop the Raintree Club. The resolution mentioned in the article was submitted by two members in their personal capacity (as all members are entitled to do) and does not represent the views of either the current general committee or the management of Raintree Club.

Any eventual decision to sell the club would have to follow the club’s constitution, which safeguards the rights of all members.

Secondly, this matter is not in any way “urgent” as the article implies.

Nor is Raintree Club in financial difficulties. While there have been some deficits on running costs in recent years, the club retains a healthy reserve of RM5mil.

A key reason for any recent deficit is that there has been no increase in the RM100 monthly subscription for members since 1993. An increase is therefore long overdue.

Finally, the article may give readers the impression that the Raintree Club is in poor condition. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, the club was well built and has been consistently well maintained.

Over the past four years alone, the management has carried out extensive works to maintain and upgrade our excellent indoor tennis and sports hall as well as our 25m swimming pool, resurface our six all-weather outdoor tennis courts, and renovate our restaurant and café facilities.


The Raintree Club Of Kuala Lumpur